Artist Statement/Bio


I specialize in custom and fine art stained glass mosaics.

Kyle Erickson – Fine Art Glass Mosaic

1983; Denver CO

Raised in Albuquerque NM, currently living and working in Albuquerque NM.

Artist Bio

Kyle Erickson excelled in the arts throughout his schooling and on after where he attended the Art Institute of Colorado studying in Graphic Design for two years. This field did not suit him well, subsequently leading him back to New Mexico, the birthplace of his artistic soul. Here creativity is the blood coursing through his veins. After experimenting with many mediums he stumbled into the world of glass mosaic where he apprenticed at Erin Adams Design Inc. doing color matching, design, and glass cutting for their high end artistic tile line. Seeing an unsaturated mosaic market ripe for new ideas he uses his artistic knowledge to piece together brilliant and eye catching mosaics that draw the viewer in. Kyle has been in the mosaic arts for 12 years, shown in numerous galleries around Albuquerque, won second best in show at the Bernalillo Fine Wine and Art Fest, and had his work featured in Times Square during the Art Takes Times Square event, as well as being published in their coffee table book of the same name. 

Artist Statement 

Life is a puzzle, we find our pieces along the way. Art challenges us to think about this. Whether my canvas is flat, sculptured, or a pre-existing form, I find my pieces along the way. What starts as an idea, often transmogrifies into new forms and colors, as shapes tessellate in the sea of glass. As in life, we change and adapt to our surroundings, much like my mosaics; they are alive in my eyes. Colors and shapes intermingle and move about creating the illusion of form and life where once was mere space without the constructs of time. 


My current work is focused on using found objects, and blown glass scrap mixed with simple and eye catching mosaic patterns, shapes, and colors allowing your eye to dance around the piece while spinning together figures in a story. I am also developing designs for future large scale mosaic murals. 


2 Years Graphic Design at Art Institute of Colorado, Denver.

independent classes in glass, ceramic, metals, concrete, woodworking, and sculpture.

7 year paid apprentice at Erin Adams Design. 


 Art Takes Times Square (coffee table book) 2012 – on page 122

Jeffrey Aldrich, Art Takes Times Square, See Me Group Inc. Signature Book Printing, 2012, ISBN: 978-0-9848718-3-4


2nd Best in Show at Bernalillo Fine Wine and Art Festival, 2012

Featured in Albuquerque on the Map, 2015


The 4 seasons, custom mosaics for Bella Vida Health Clinic in Los Lunas NM, 2016.

Custom St. Michael mosaic for Holly Angels Church in Angel Fire NM, 2015.



“Creativity without intelligence is like

a masterpiece drawn on a napkin.”


“Creativity is more important than knowledge”



Give me a call or email. We can discuss what captivates your soul and how I can capture that essence in a creative way.

Or, I can answer any questions you may have about my mosaic, process, installation, or other…

ph:  505.440.8682



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